Internet is a computer system that can connect one computer to other computers through links.Almost everybody have heard of computer and internet.Today internet can not only be accessed through computer but also through mobile phones.There are many benefits of internet to students in learning process. 

First and foremost,research and studying has been changed by internet.Previously,academic articles and essays had to be accessed inside a library.One had to be a member of a library in order to use it and visiting is usually during operating hours only.Now internet offers instant access to countless academic database including academic journals.This makes research process for students to be more easy,fast and reliable.

Internet helps to provide videoconferencing.Through this teachers can connect to their students thousand miles away.It makes learning more effective since one teacher can teach different groups of student in different places at the same time without physical mobility.

Every textbook on the internet has a corresponding site.The corresponding internet site for this textbooks greatly improves the overall effect on education of students.They also receive visual and audio stimulation,which has been proven to increase the amount of information the students remember.Listening to a professor,lecturer or a teacher is sometimes just isn’t enough for students.Such sites can help them review materials quickly and easily get more information on the topic taught.

Internet also helps in e-learning.Some people who are busy working and pursuing their careers and  would like to continue with their education would prefer distance learning.This learning type is facilitated through the internet.Distance learners will be able to access there notes and submit assignments online which is possible through the internet.

Last but not the least,internet helps students keep abreast on latest issues and developments.Students can understand the causes and solutions of the problems based on headlines given.This will make them aware of dangers that can cause effect to the environment and the surroundings.

In a nutshell, internet is very beneficial to students who widely and effectively use it.In comparison,internet is more effective compares to books and other types of reading materials.This is because internet contains alot of information which all sources are included.Therefore internet will give alot of useful information and knowledge to the students.



Campus life has always been a dream that never abandons a student in high school.It shines in their minds.How a campus life may be dependents on the person ability to make it good and fruitful or a regret and guilt.My own experience as a freshman from high school may be a sample of how campus life is.

In my freshman year,with admiration to university,I got a chance to pursue my study at Moi University,Kenya.Everything was so nice and new even though not as perfect as I imagined.I carried on with the discipline that was inculcated into me at my previous high school,though it made me the laughing stoke of the whole school.

In campus is where I realized that students expert their lifes on their own.Here is where student have all the freedom.Moving from male’s residential place to female’s was a normal thing among the students.

The students,I being not an exceptional are always associated with magic words such as first love,fun and youth.In campus, the students also have acquaintance with great feelings like love,the opportunity to make mistakes for the first time and be newly heartbroken,considering every second broken relationship,trying to understand what went wrong.Others on contrary,campus will help them find their second half and tie them together forever.

Comrade power is a slogan among the students(having a sence of belonging).My roommates gave me a hard time at the beginning of the semester.They always came back to the room as late as midnight being drunk.I could not bare the situation,so I decided to vacate the room to avoid being poisoned since peer pressure is a poison.

Eating from the messes was the worst part of my experience.The meals there were not as good as those in my high school.However,it was cheap to have meals there.Money had alot of things to do, so minimizing the expenditure was a better option.

Students life on campus has alot of challenges and advantages too.It is the effort of the student to mold his or her life.One makes his or future in campus,the way you carry yourself will determine what you become after the campus life.


‚Äč   Community development is the process by which people identity,plan for,implement, manage programs and evaluate their projects. It is a also a process where people or community members come together to take a collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

    Community development involves all aspects of improvement undertaken by government or non-governmental organizations in the fields of agriculture, health,education etc to improve the community’s statues. According to United Nations (1963,column 4)community development is defined as a process by which the efforts of the people themselves are united to better the economic,cultural  and social status of the community.

    As a course,community development is very diversed.A person specializing in this course will be a social worker.The person will be working among the people involved to be developed and must be well conversant with the people’s cultural practices and believes to effectively perform their duties.The course enables one as a student and as a professional to be equipped with skills and knowledge required to develop the community.

   In conclusion, development in the community is done by use of available resources within and innovation of the community developers. Since the resources are with the people,community, community development as a profession is economical. That’s why I advice that community development is a good course.